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Sympathy For The Devil - A Novel

Are YOU A Fallen Angel?

Sympathy For The Devil is an original story about a fallen angel who decided it was time to change his world, find his way home, and create his own image.

This is a gripping mystery novel unlike anything you have ever read with tons of twists that will keep you mesmerized until the very last sentence. However, at the heart and soul of Sympathy For The Devil is a unique story of fighting for what you must against all odds and personal evolution.

Every once in a while a book comes along that changes everything, this is one of those books...

What if you could change your world?

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"It's kind of like watching Lost, but with a much more satisfying ending." - - Read Full Review

"I ran across this purely by accident and now I'm addicted. Love this!!! As a writer I think the concept is dope!" - USA Apple iTunes AppStore Review

"I have really enjoyed this book. I have read it in it's entirety..., anticipating each new chapter update. Now that I have finished it all I can say is 'thank you' to the writer. This book was a gift and once I finished it, everything in the story made such sense. It was a great story, a great ride, and I loved the ending. Beautiful...Thanks again." - USA Apple iTunes AppStore Review

"I read a fair bit of literature, from John Milton to Edgar Allan Poe and the like, and this book is as compelling and addictive as their works. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to push the boundaries of 'common' thinking." - Australia Apple iTunes AppStore Review

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